Chat is the main method for communication between players. It is only available in battles.

The chat has many uses, such as discussing the game, asking questions, coordinating with teammates, and many more. Players are free to talk about anything as much as they want, as long as the conversations do not violate chat rules.

The battle chat is activated by pressing Enter, and is visible in the lower left corner of the screen. Sent messages will be visible to everyone in the battle. In the case of team battles (TDM), the player has the option of either sending a message visible to everyone, or sending a message visible only to his/her team. To switch between these two modes press Tab while the chat window is open. You can also use H to hide the chat and then again H to unhide the chat.

Some staff members might enter a battle from time to time. They will answer players' questions, give advice and make sure the chat is always in order. 

Chat Rules Edit

These are the Chat Rules. The following activities are forbidden and might get you kicked out of the battle or even permanently blocked from your current account.

- No disrespecting developers and other staff members. They are there to help out the players, don't complicate their task by badmouthing them.

- No disrespecting casual players.

- No profanity in any form, unless you are joking with other players and they're fine with it. If there are staff members in the battle, they will determine the inappropriateness of your profanity use.

- No flooding. Do not send messages that contain repetitive symbols or posting more than one same or similar posts.

- No constant use of Caps Lock. Partial sentences with Caps Lock are allowed, but the constant use of them in every sentence is not allowed.

- No advertising illegal or forbidden content or activities.

- No spreading of political propaganda, political promotions, pre-election campaigning of any kind.

- No racism, talking in a sexist way, or spreading any form of hate crime.

- No talking about sexually explicit stuff.

- No talking about depression, suicide, politics or religion.